the Vice-Principal

Currently, our School is equipped with three of them. Here are their glimpse.

Message From The Vice-Principal

April 2022 
R.C Poudel

Academic excellence is the foremost priority of Butwal Public School that has been reinforced by meticulous teaching-learning process, comprehensive methodologies and versatile teaching pedagogies which are requisites for students in this fast-developing world. The school, which emerged with the vision of an integrated world, has carved a niche for itself within a span of thirteen years to emerge as one of the pioneers in providing quality education in this locality.

The school that was commenced with 5 staff and 22 students has autonomously risen and reached around 1400 students and a hundred dedicated staff. It is believed that a journey of 100 miles begins with a single step so as to prove that rigorous endeavour and perseverance are the contributing factors to embrace greater heights. This year also the School was able to retain its legacy by obtaining 100% SLC results with distinctions and first divisions in 2070. This is because of the blessings of the parents and the responsibilities bestowed upon us.

We are not running alone in this race. BPS adopted some courses offered by the University of Cambridge, U.K. a couple of years ago. The courses have been split into various categories according to the age group of the students. Learning process has been made so easy because of the different courses offered, such as STARTERS- a competitive course for the early age groups, and then MOVERS & FLYERS - subsequent courses designed to strengthen the capacity of the learners. KET( Keys for Teaching) has been offered to the students of Primary level. Our journey is relentless and it is never ending. The students of little older age have been adapting to the Cambridge curriculum so that they could broaden their horizon of understanding by being innovative, reflective and engaged. In addition, mature students after schooling are priviledged enough to witness an excellent education with Advanced Subsidiary Level (A-Level) programs at BPS since last year which is equivalent to 10+2 programme and is valid in 160 countries.

Indeed, we are indebted to the University of Cambridge, U.K. for choosing BPS as an interlocutor between the need of the students and maintaining global standard for international education who has become the mentor in providing quality education around the globe. The courses are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest educational research. They provide a strong platform for learners to progress from one stage to the next, and are well supported by teaching and learning resources. We are also thankful to British Council Nepal for their unconditional supports and conducting several training programs to proliferate the academic expertise of our teachers.

Indeed, we are fortunate enough to have such active and dedicated parents, guardian and well-wishers who make a difference in the life of school and the lives of our children. They are conscious evaluators and the messengers to disseminate the pros and cons of the school. We invite you in every Teachers-Parents’ meeting and are more than happy to hear from you. Without your suggestions, motifs and feedbacks we won’t be able to walk a journey of countless miles. Nevertheless, we assure you that we have envisaged and strived for our academic excellence.