There is no foreground without a background. All the activities that we pursue to create teaching learning environment is impossible without proper operations and resources. The management team in Butwal Public School comprise of Chairman, Executive Director, Director, Principal, Administration Officer, Vice-Principal and Vice-Principal Jr.  

We believe in balance of centralization and decentralization where activities are divided according to their nature of importance to centralization and decentralization. This helps everyone to be clear of their job. The responsibility is discussed clearly among all the staffs and hence proper management system comes to reality in Butwal Public School.

Our Experience Curve and Learning

We have been doing the same for about ten years now and we feel we still go on and try new things- create better environment for our students and value learning than anything else. In our meetings we have great brainstorming discussions where we always see pros and cons of the decisions that we have made and that we make and try to figure out whether each decisions are for the best interest of our students. This is why we think we have been able to transfer the same to our staffs and our students. 

Our Support Staffs are Best

Support Staffs in Butwal Public School are group of exceptional people who take care of resources and investigate smooth operations of the school Currently, this comprise of Administration Officer, Vice-Principal, Supervisor, Communication Assistant, Nannies and Peons.