Laboratories in the School

Computer laboratories

Currently, our School is equipped with three of them. Here are their glimpse.

The First Computer Lab

This lab is the first one built for internet facilities to everyone and computing facilities for beginners. Here, they enjoy being familiar with computers by playing games, learning paint and learning logo programming.

The Second Computer Lab

This lab is equipped with and for Q-Basic programming and Database Management system. Here, students spend their time developing database applications and creating computer programs at intermediate level.

The Third Computer Lab

This latest lab is equipped with all internet, both Q-Basic and Visual Basic and variety of Database and Statistical Applications. Here, students from Secondary level and A-level analyse and apply their learning through empirical research and problem solving through those applications. 

Science Laboratories

Currently, our school is equipped with a science laboratory for students upto secondary level.

The Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab has just been constructed for A-level program. This lab has been regarded as one of the best school laboratories in the region. This lab is equipped with latest equipments and hundreds of chemicals for experiments.